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Wise Pick For 2 September

Wise Pick For 2 September
Wise Pick For 2 September

Barb Landry
When you find that missing piece, your heart will feel complete.Debbie Gurriere
The heart is but a piece of life’s puzzle

Rinku Shah
When people we love suddenly leave,
One must grieve…
You feel like an incomplete puzzle,
With pain in every muscle

Cory Cory
the one who got away
holds the missing puzzle piece
to your heart.

Jeni Medina
The human heart is an intricate piece of puzzle,
that looks for its missing part outside itself…
and hopefully, it finds it

Leta Marie DeMello
Matter’s of the heart are puzzling.
Learn to let go of your thoughts
and quiet your mind.
In this soulful space,
you will likely find the piece
that’s been missing.

Preet Mishra
Only the right person knows
how to fix the right peice

Pauline Ebijimi
The heart is like a puzzle
searching for the very one
that will complete it
and make it whole.

Joe Rodgers
It is puzzling how one can carry on
with a piece of their heart missing.

Sandha Natesan

The right matching piece
will fix the heart from misery.

Shilpika Bagh
Fill urself with love
and let the hurt “heal”;
don’t wait for someone
to fit in that missing “piece”.

Kim DeCocco-Sharon
Miracles of medicine
can stitch an ailing heart..
but the pieces lost from grief
can never be repaired.

Debra Pry
Matters of the heart are an enigma.
If we can only figure out the puzzle,
We would understand how to Unbreak it.

Leta DeMello
Every heart requires
a piece for completion
like a puzzle unto its own.


Ashley Armstead
Take a look in the mirror
and you’ll find that piece
you thought you were missing all along.


Ashish Verma
An unsolved puzzle of a heart.


Sulekha Pande
Looking for the missing part of my heart,
to heal the hurt


Gomathi Murugesan
You are a piece of puzzle in someone’s life.
You may never know where you fit exactly.


Subhawana Sharma
Heart: An unresolved emotional puzzle


Eliza Smith
My heart is missing peace


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