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The Ever -Lasting to Secret to be Away From Feeling Depressed and Anxious

The Ever -Lasting to Secret to be Away From Feeling Depressed and Anxious
The Ever -Lasting to Secret to be Away From Feeling Depressed and Anxious

When we are piled up with works, when exams are coming closer or when we have some big issues on head, we all end up being depressed and stressed. Some of us are seeking psychiatrists to find solutions and some even follows online courses. But, do you know that you can control depression and anxiousness by your own self?

Certain physical and mental actions of our body are controlled by a neurotransmitter which we call as dopamine. Dopamine is the brain’s master chemical. By learning how to control our dopamine level naturally, we can control depression and anxiousness too. It generates feelings of pressure making us less stressed and more positive.

The Ever -Lasting to Secret to be Away From Feeling Depressed and Anxious
The Ever -Lasting to Secret to be Away From Feeling Depressed and Anxious

Have you ever being addicted to something? It can be a habit, a food or a drug. Well, that happens because of dopamine. Cocaine, heroin and drugs contain substances that super charge dopamine and make their use highly preferable for the user. These opiates bind opiate receptors in the brain increasing the release of opiates. (or other drugs). But, when someone stops the intake, the body demands the same dopamine-high. This is the reason for drug adductors to resort to negative behaviours to get drugs all the time. The body desires the dopamine-high that much.

In the experiments conducted with mice, it was found that when the same nerve bundle that cause opiate release was stimulated when they press a liver. The mice, left to their own devices would press the lever thousands of times in an hour to get that pleasurable feeling. In our daily lives, we get a dopamine bumps in our brains with normal behaviours like making money, having sex and winning video games. But, there are other ways to boost dopamine level that stimulates our pleasure neurotransmitter without getting addicted.

Dopamine does not only boost our happiness, but also responsible for regulating our muscle movements, improving cognitive functions, keeping us focused, making decisions and regulating the secretion of prolactin. We tend to experience depression, sadness, confusion, fear and other negative emotion when we do not have the enough dopamine levels. So, what we have to in order to reduce these negative emotions is maintaining a higher dopamine level.

Here are some ways that will help you for this.
1. Exercises.
Exercise is one good way to boost up dopamine level. It elevates dopamine D2 receptors in the brain and other endorphins in the body. Regular exercises will prevent depression, reduce stress and will strengthen the mind.

2. self- management
Brain releases dopamine when we get new tasks. It does not depend on the magnitude of the task. So if you need to get more dopamine break large work into small parts and check them off one by one. This will also help you to reach your targets easily as you are having a clear vision.

3. Eat dopamine increasing foods.
By eating foods that contain amino acid and tyrosine, you can increase your dopamine level. You will these in foods like,

Green tea.
Dark chocolate
4. Listen to uplifting music.
One of the easiest ways to gain dopamine boost up is listening to music. Music creates peak emotional movements when you are so tired and down.

5. Be creative.
Creative activities always increase dopamine level. It can be writing, drawing or anything. You can cook, dance, sing or do anything that you like to boost up dopamine.

6. Start a positive streak.
Positive and good aroma always stirs up dopamine. Stay fresh and optimistic. That will make you feel up.

7. Meditation and yoga.
Meditation and yoga help to alter brain mechanisms. It facilitates the output of dopamine and cleanses the mind.


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