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Ode to My Narcissist

Ode to My Narcissist
Ode to My Narcissist

A sonnet I wrote during recovery from Narcissistic Abuse,

I inhumed our making to the Earth’s ground,

alone I weeped. You extended silence.

Your silence an utter thunder of sound.

Muteness, your distinctive unvoiced sentence.

A smear campaign – you call me a liar.

Convincing even me to say it false

to feed selfish sexual desire.

For that, I will agree to all my faults.

Your revilement has become absolute

I ingest your notion and believe it

My own inner voice becoming dull and mute,

unwilling to perceive you, Narcissist.

When desire fades, the fog removed view

shows the deceiver undoubtedly You.


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