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17 F*cks You Should Stop Giving When You’re A Grown And Mature Person

17 F*cks You Should Stop Giving When You’re A Grown And Mature Person
17 F*cks You Should Stop Giving When You’re A Grown And Mature Person

Life is not easy for any of us. No matter how rich we are or no matter how blessed we are, still we have things to be worried about. We look at that certain iconic figure on television screen and wish our lives to be like that. We dream to have that perfect figure, to date that pretty lady, to have that luxurious car and many more things. So, in this attempt of being perfect, there comes a point that we realize all what we are doing in life is simply a badly potted drama. If you give it a second thought you would realize that most of the things that you are doing in life is not exactly what you wanted but it is what others want you to do.

When you were young, everything was decided by your parents. They select what they thought to be best for you. Your college, your friends and even what you wear was decided by them. When you grow up things got a different colour. Instead of parents, you begin to decide what you want in life. In fact, you decided things as would suit the criteria of the society that you live. You dress according to the fashion at the time, you read what was hit among your friends, you select your girl/boyfriend not exactly as you wanted, but in the way that you would look okay in everyone’s eyes. You selected the carrier thinking about the salary it offers. You got a car as everyone else uses cars and only you cannot go in a public service all day. So, isn’t it just meaningless? What we are doing in our lives?

17 F*cks You Should Stop Giving When You’re A Grown And Mature Person
17 F*cks You Should Stop Giving When You’re A Grown And Mature Person

Okay, let’s sort it out. If you are someone who has experienced the life, you might know by now we should not give f**k about certain things in our life. If we are to have simple and a enjoyable life, we should do what we want to do, not what others want us to do. We list 17 things here that would help you to decide what exactly you want to ignore in your life. So, have a look!

1. What others think

When you try to live always as to please others you are basically living your life for them. You would never be happy about your life at the end when you going to live like this. You care too much about the way you look, the way you talk and ultimately you end up in frustration.

2. Being right all of the time

You must accept the fact that you are not right all the time. You can be very much intelligent and all but remember there can be times that you can be wrong.

3. Having the perfect body

You would never have that perfect flawless body at any cost. What you see daily on screen is an illusion of the beauty products to market their goods. Stars spend thousands of dollars to maintain their figure but, remember if they don’t look according to the way beauty firms need, they won’t survive. But, your case is different. You don’t want to stress out just to look like them. You are beautiful and that is enough.

4. Giving a damn whether you wear a 4 inch heels or sneakers

It is your way of life and you should wear what is comfortable to you. Don’t wear to please others. First, make your inner self happy.

5. The past

It is true that you would not easily forget what happened yesterday. But, you must realize that past is past and that you can’t change it. It is gone.  Leave the past beside and think what you should do to have a beautiful present and a future.

6. Giving a F**K about gossip

Trashing someone behind their back is too childish. You should learn that the time you waste to hate others and the time you waste to think about them is just useless. So never gossip or worry about gossips.

7. Worrying about people’s approval

Your life is yours. You are the best judge of yourself as you are the one who have to face for the consequences of what you do. So stop worrying about others approval. You can of course take advices but worrying too much about approvals is useless as you will suffer from rejections.

8. Toxic people around you

Sometimes you will meet people who try to force you to things and who try to change your ways and means. Be away from them! You would end up in a failure as long as give yourself too much to these sorts of people.

9. Giving a f**k about failures

Make your last mistake the best lesson in your life. Failures are natural and it’s only by doing mistakes that you can learn what should be done. So, don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t let failures scare you.

10. Mandatory night-outs on a Friday night

Hell yeah! You can do whatever you want in a Friday night. You don’t want to go out if you don’t want to. You like for a Netflix? Yeah then do it!!

11. Being worshipped on Facebook and Instagram

Don’t make yourself a slave to social media. You don’t want to do things so as to post them on Facebook or Insta and get hundred or thousand likes. Life is not about likes mate. Just do what please you. Share and post what you like. Not to be just a Facebook hero.

12. Everything that you don’t have

Obviously, there will be many people who have many things more than us. If we try to compare ourselves always with what others have and do, then we will surely end up in a failure. Just appreciate what you have. Don’t think about what you don’t have.

13. Seeking revenge

When you think to revenge, you think you would be please after taking revenge. But, trust me, it would make you only miserable. You would never feel good after knowing you hurt someone.

14. Worrying about “what ifs”

Don’t waste time worrying about future. It is not yet dawned and you only stress out by thinking about a future which is totally uncertain. What you have to do is only to work good in present so that you would have a better future.

15. Giving a damn about material possessions

It is true you can’t do anything without money. But, money will never assure happiness. You can’t get happiness from money. So, build a present that is memorable and worthy to live. Other things will automatically flow.

16. Being good enough for people

Live your life in the way you want to. You will never be able to satisfy people. There is nothing as “good”. What you do will always be judged in different ways by different people. So live your life as you want to.

17. Regretting things

You are responsible for what you did and what you do. Stop regretting about past. It is gone. Try to face the present moment so that you need not to regret in future.


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